Barb Marchand

In 2005 I was reduced hours at the youth centre I worked at so I took the opportunity to go back to school. But not any old school no, I went specifically to the Enowkin Centre where I enrolled in their NAPAT program. I was fortunate to have been instructed by Barb P Marchand and made my very first birch bark basket. My fingers bled and I cried many times but to know I have the physical memory of what it takes to make more baskets – I know now it is something I can accomplish.

Barb and I are going to be working together this summer. Stay tuned for more updates as we explore marsh materials.

Here are some of the online sites and personal photos I have of our workshops together:

BC Achievement Award winner

Illustrator for Kou-Skelowh: We Are The People A Trilogy of Okanagan Legends

Illustrator for Neekna And Chemai

Photos from a Marsh Art workshop with Barb Marchand hosted by Enowkin Centre, an article from Boulivard Magazine with Barb’s cat tail mask sculptures and cat tail reed head dress.


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